Education Review Office report on PLD in Schools

The Education Review Office (ERO) has recently released a new report on Professional Learning and Development (PLD) in Schools.

The report looks at how well school leaders are determining their priorities for their chosen areas of focus in PLD, and how well they are evaluating the PLD’s impact.

ERO has recommended that the Ministry work with PLD providers to:

  • provide greater support for data literacy and internal evaluation of PLD in schools
  • provide clearer communication about eligibility for locally-funded PLD
  • improve accessibility for rural and/or small schools.

The report’s improvement focus is well aligned with our work to introduce important improvements to PLD in 2020 to better supports teachers, leaders and, most importantly, all learners. 

The report and its recommendations are timely to help inform our implementation of the changes that include new PLD priorities, a new online PLD system, and a refreshed PLD website.

You can find a link to the report here.