Teacher aide PLD pilot fund

This pilot fund provides teacher aides with support to undertake PLD opportunities. It covers course fees, time to attend the courses, and some travel and accommodation costs.

For information on the teacher aide PLD pilot fund, how the fund was established and how to apply for teacher aide PLD, read more.

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Improvements in applying for PLD

The new online PLD application system is now live. This replaces the previous PLD Journal spreadsheet. The PLD application process is now easier, clearer and user friendly. 

To find more information on how to access and apply for PLD, go to the Apply for PLD page of this website.   

The third release of the online PLD system is now live. The third release allows the notification to applicants of their proposal outcome, successful applicants to choose providers and facilitators to work with, providers and facilitators to begin logging into the system and for the planning of the PLD journey to begin.

If you identify any issues with the online PLD system, please let us know by emailing pld.enquiries@education.govt.nz

COVID-19 PLD Support Package

Schools and kura that need support to transition from distance learning to in-classroom teaching can register for the COVID-19 PLD Support Package.
For information on the COVID-19 PLD Support Package, click here.

Regular updates and information from the Ministry of Education on COVID-19 can be found here:

Information from the Ministry of Health can be found here

Managing existing PLD allocations

If you have a PLD allocation that began before term 1 2020 and are using the PLD Journal spreadsheet, continue to use this until you have completed your PLD journey and the Final Report is submitted.

Please send PLD Journals to PLD.Journal@education.govt.nz and your regional offices for processing.

Find a facilitator

If your school, kura, Kāhui Ako, or cluster has been allocated PLD support by the Ministry of Education, you can browse the database to find the facilitator(s) who might be the right fit for your PLD allocation.


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